Blogger Vs WordPress Infographic 2017

Blogger Vs WordPress Comparison Infographic 2017:

Both Blogger & WordPress are the best platforms to do blogging. Generally, newbies begin their blogging journey with Blogger platform and then migrates to WordPress. As WordPress provides extra features like security, availability of plugins, themes, customization which dominates the Blogger platform. Blogger platform is free to use but the ownership will be in the name of Google. Blogger provides subdomain facility whereas the can’t. So, both Blogger and WordPress have their own advantages and disadvantages. But when compared to Blogger, provides excellent features. So, here is the quick comparison infographic between Blogger and WordPress 2017. 


Blogger Vs WordPress Infographic 2017:

Below infographic lists and compares the features of both Blogger and This blogger vs WordPress comparison infographic is designed and developed by me. []



As a blogger, in my opinion, both Blogger and WordPress are great platforms. If you are a newbie blogger I will suggest you to go with Blogger platform. But if you really bother about security and customization of the blog, you better choose WordPress. Today, millions of blogs are running on WordPress because of its features and easy customization with the help of plugins. If you have any doubts in choosing Blogger and WordPress, feel free to comment below.

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