How to choose a domain name

Having a website/blog to discuss various things and even present your business is usually interesting and also a great way to make some money. However, the name to give to the domain is also as important as the contents of your site. This is because the name plays a major part in building your online presence and also helps you to build your brand as well as give you or your business credibility.

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So how do you choose your domain name?

Be authentic

Choosing a domain name requires one to put some certain things in consideration to ensure that the target audience is reached and the purpose of the blog is passed across. An important fact to put into consideration is the authenticity, and it’s uniqueness.

The domain name you are choosing should be unique to your business. Therefore, to avoid confusion, ensure that some other organizations have not picked a similar name.

Let your domain name tell the tale!

If you are looking to choose a good domain name for your business, you can use your specialty in a  shortened form to this. Makeup something interesting from your business name and let it sell your business.

Keep it short and easy to remember

Also, it is advised that you keep the domain name short and easy to recall. This is to help anyone who may be interested in visiting your site.  Try to avoid the use of long numbers, complicated figures or some other strange symbols.

Pick the right extension

There are also various domain name extensions that you can add to your web address. Extensions such as .org, .com, .net, .biz and many others, are quite available. Your choice should be determined by your business line and the amount you can afford to spare for subsequent renewal.

However, you can as well choose the .com domain extension as it is quite popular and well known, thereby easy to remember. Do not choose an extension that may be too expensive for you to renew later.

Meanwhile, there are various domain names generator that you can use to generate the domain name for your site. Make use of this for various name ideas.

Pro-Tip: pick a domain name that you can as well use on various social media platforms. It may not be too okay for you to have different names on different social media platforms. Embrace uniformity.

Applying the above-listed steps or considering them will help you to choose the best domain name for your site with ease.

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