Google Adsense Approval Guide 2017

Quick Google Adsense Account Approval Guide 2017:

Google Adsense: Adsense is an advertisement program of Google. Google Adsense ic CPC based Ad network. CPC stands for Cost Per Click. So, the income will depend on the number of the clicks. Google Adsense provides different CPC rates for different countries. The CPC rates differ by geographical areas. Countries like the US, Cannada has more CPC rates when compared to Asian countries. So, if you get a click from high CPC countries, you will earn more income. Google Adsense is a dream for many of the newbie bloggers. Because Adsense is the top most advertising program which pays higher rates when compared to all other Ad networks. But, getting Google Adsense Approval is not easy. Most of the newbie bloggers will fail to get Adsense approval to their blogs and sometimes, they will quit blogging. So for all the newbie bloggers, here In this article, I am going to explain the quick Google Adsense account approval guide 2017.


Google Adsense Account Approval Guide For Newbie Bloggers:

Recently I had applied Adsense account to my blog and got approved within 24 hours. If everything is good, Google approves the Adsense account. Every blogger should follow some basic rules before applying the Adsense. Most of the newbie bloggers don’t follow those rules, and they directly apply for Adsense. That’s why most of the blogs get rejected for Google Adsense account. So here I am providing the quick Google Adsense approval guide 2017 for the newbie bloggers. By following these tips and tricks, you can earn the Adsense account quickly.

Google Adsense Approval Guide To Be Followed:

Here I am mentioning the major key factors to be followed before applying for Google Adsense. If any one of these requirements doesn’t meet your blog, your Google Adsense account will get rejected. So, make sure that your blog will meet all the below mentioning requirements before applying to Adsense.

1. Build Good Design To your Blog:

This is the first and very important thing to be followed before applying for the Google Adsense. Most of the newbie bloggers do this mistake only. Choose a responsive theme or template and apply it to your blog. Responsive websites will have a great chance of getting quick Google Adsense approval. There are many themes available for Blogger and WordPress which gives a premium look to your blog. So, blog design is one of the main constraints to be followed.

2. Number Of Posts:

The second important thing is the number of posts on your blog. Most the Adsense accounts get rejected due to this reason. If your blog doesn’t have the required number of articles, definitely, your Google Adsense account will get rejected stating Adsense rejected due to insufficient content. So, make sure that your blog will have greater than 8 articles and each article consisting the minimum of 500 words. If your blog has more number of articles and each article is having around 500-1000 words, the chances of getting Google Adsense approval will be higher.

3. Write Unique Content On Your Blog:

Most of the newbie bloggers try to replicate the same content on their blogs which is already available on different sites. Google is very strict about copy-pasting the articles. So provide unique and rich content on your blog. Almost all the content available on the internet is same. But if you are writing the similar article, try to change the post format and explain the article in more detail.

4. Provide Important Pages:

Google checks some important pages while approving the Adsense. If your blog has those pages, Google Adsense approval chances will be more. Some the important pages include:

  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Contact page
  • Privacy Policy and
  • Disclaimer page

Make sure that, your blog should have all the above-listed pages before applying to Adsense.

5. Provide Clear Navigation:

This is also one of the reasons for the rejection of Google Adsense. So, provide clear navigation menus on your blog. If your navigation menus are not mentioned in a proper way, your Adsense account will get rejected stating that Adsense rejected due to navigation issues. It is better to use two navigation menus on yourThe primaryPrimary navigation menu should include all the important pages and the secondary menu may include categories and some other links.

6. Domain Age:

Domain age plays a crucial role in getting Google Adsense account approval. Your domain should be minimum of 1 month old before applying to Adsense. Most of the bloggers create a blog and write 5-10 articles in a week and apply for the Google Adsense. So, don’t do that. Your domain should be minimum of 1 month old. In the case of Blogspot blogs, the minimum domain age should be 6 months. So, domain age is also one of the key factors for the Google Adsense rejection.

7. Don’t Share Articles For Instant Traffic:

Don’t share the article links on social media sites for traffic before applying to Adsense. If you share your articles, you may get instant traffic to your blog but, after applying to the Google Adsense, your application will get rejected stating that your Adsense account is disabled due to invalid activity. So, don’t share your article for getting traffic. Once after the Google Adsense approval, you can share your articles on social media sites. This is the most common mistake done by all of the newbie bloggers and gets rejected.


These are the 7 killer tips to be followed before applying for Google Adsense. Every step has its own prominence in getting Google Adsense approval. Many newbie bloggers fail to identify and follow these steps before applying to the Adsense. I had listed the important steps which every newbie blogger should follow before applying Adsense. If you follow each any every step which I had mentioned in this article, your blog has 100% chances for Google Adsense approval within 24 hours. So by following this simple Google Adsense approval guide, you can earn Adsense to your blog. This is the quick Google Adsense approval guide 2017 for the newbie bloggers. If you face any problems while applying the Adsense or If your Google Adsense gets rejected due to some reasons, feel free to comment below. We will help you out.

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