How To Resize Image For Whatsapp Profile Picture {Without Cropping}

How To Resize Photo For Whatsapp Profile Picture On Android:

How To Resize Image For Whatsapp DP:  Whatsapp is a cross-platform messaging app developed by Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009. Through Whatsapp, the user can send messages, videos, documents, images over the internet. Whatsapp had become much popular because of its simple interface and provided with multiple features. On February 19, 2014, Facebook acquired Whatsapp for US$19.3 Billion. As of February 2016, Whatsapp has over one Billion users globally. In recent updates, Whatsapp included audio and video calling features. You might have searched for resize photo for whatsapp dp online. In this article I am going to show you how to resize image for whatsapp profile. There is no whatsapp image compression in this trick.

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Resize Photo For Whatsapp Profile Picture On Android:

The WhatsApp user can set profile pic which is visible to his/her friends. Most of the people want to keep the profile pic/DP without cropping. But Whatsapp had its dimensions for the profile pic. For this reason, sometimes the WhatsApp profile picture/DP crops out automatically which the user doesn’t like it.  Due to this, some of the important parts of the image may miss out. This tutorial is all about setting Whatsapp full-size Profile picture/DP without cropping in Android. No whatsapp image compression in this trick

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How To Resize Image For Whatsapp Display Picture Without Cropping Using SquareDroid:

In this tutorial, I am using the SqureDroid app for resizing the image for Whatsapp profile picture/pic/DP. This method is only for Android users because SquareDroid is only available for Android devices. SquareDroid app is very easy to use. You can also resize Facebook images by using this app. Whatsapp user can set full-size profile picture/DP/Pic without cropping the original image by using the SquareDroid app. Here we are providing complete step by step procedure to resize an image for Whatsapp profile pic/picture/DP using the SquareDroid app. You can use this app instead of resize photo for whatsapp dp online. No whatsapp image compression in needed.

How To Use SquareDroid To Resize Image For Whatsapp Profile Picture/Pic/DP:

Below steps are to be followed to set Whatsapp profile picture/pic/DP without cropping the original image on Android device. Now enjoy setting the Whatsapp profile picture/pic/DP without cropping. Here I am presenting you step by step guide to resize photo/image for Whatsapp profile pic.
1. First, download and install the SquareDroid app on your Android device. Download SquareDroid app from here.
2.  After successful installation, tap to open it.
3.  Now you will see a list of options.
4. Then choose, Pick a photo and then select the image which you want to resize and want to set Whatsapp profile picture/pic/DP.
5. That’s it. SquareDroid app will automatically resize image for Whatsapp profile picture/pic/DP.
6. Now click on Save icon to save your image.
7. You can also set the image quality while saving the image.
8. The image will be saved in the SquareDroid folder.
That’s it. This is a simple process to resize photo/image for Whatsapp Profile Picture/pic/ DP on Android device. No whatsapp image compression involved in this.


We have provided a complete guide to resize photo/image for Whatsapp Profile Picture/Pic/DP on Android devices using the SquareDroid app. SquareDroid app is very simple and easy to use. If you face any problems while using this app, feel free to comment below. Instead of resize photo for whatsapp dp online, you can use this method.

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